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Thursday 3 August 2017

Filament Guide Mark 6

I've now made several static guides for the back of the 3D printer.

The latest one works but I'm still nervous that the filament will stick causing under extrusion. To minimise that chance I've designed a guide that rotates using skate bearings.

I'm not claiming this is a new idea. There are loads of such things on both Thingiverse and YouMagine. None of those were quite how I wanted them or were fixed in a way I didn't want to do. I'm therefore working on my own.

This will hook under the lip at the bottom of the printer next to the power adaptor. There is no need to utilise any of the existing screws or holes on the Ultimaker.

Printed with supports for the slight lip

The bearings will hold the two halves together

Two halves interlocked

Printed in PETG

My aim is to minimise the angle at which the filament enters the feeder. I also want very low friction and minimal chance that the filament will slip out of the guide.

Bill of materials:
1x M4x40 bolt
1x M4 nylon locknut
2x M4x10 (Form C) washers
1x M4x12 repair washer
1x M8 washer behind the inner bearing over the plastic spindle
2x 8mm axle 22mm x7mm bearings (from skates)
1x M8x1.6mm spacer between the bearings
3D printed parts:
2x pulley halves (with support from the bed)
1x Stand (no supports needed)
1x Support (no supports needed)
1x Spindle (no supports needed)


Filament Guide STL files (zip)


I have also made a spindle for the filament spool.

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