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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Curry Rescue

Nothing gets in the way of our takeaway.

We had ordered a takeaway from, Omars, our usual Bangladeshi restaurant in Hatfield Peverel.  We order often enough that most of the delivery drivers know where we live but we are out of the way and new drivers usually have to phone to get directions.

Shelley took the call and as the driver said he was stuck she handed it to me to give my usual directions. Turns out it is our regular driver but he is unable to get to us.  He is just the other side of the river but the road has flooded.

No hesitation, I ask how deep it is.  The sign shows one foot.  Easy, "I'm on my way, you wait there."

The alternate route is another 20 minute or more journey so the curry would be getting cold.  It's much better if I go through the flood and pick it up.  The river is only 3 or 4 minutes away.

It's completely dark out in the countryside.  There are two cars and a van at the other side, I guess waiting to see how deep it is.  I can already see from the landmarks that the depth is OK for the Discovery because this is my local flood and I've been through it much deeper.

All my lights on, main beam and extra spots, I know the road and there are no man hole covers or other obstacles, first gear, hi-box and push on through.  It's deep enough to show off a bit but not enough to get a bow wave.

I turn round first, have a chat to our delivery guy and his daughter, who is along for the ride, collect our dinner and head on back through the water to home.  Curry rescued.

A nice dinner and a bit of fun to go with it.

Monday 13 October 2014

Introducing the Kittens

I know the Internet is already overloaded with cute kitten photos but I can't resist.

How many kittens come with their own letter of introduction?

As they explain in their own letter they were born on 16 August.  Tooey, on the left of the picture, and Tiger, on the right, needed to be hand reared until they were on hard food.

Now they are with us, getting more adventurous every day.