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Sunday 17 March 2013

Cat Baffle

Cat Baf-fle (cat baf'el)
  • A partition that impedes the movement of a Cat towards it's goal.

Is an object propped or manufactured to fit in a position to obstruct the movement of cats.

Typical usage of the device:
An arrangement of objects round the base of a bird feeder to prevent the cat jumping up.
To prevent cats getting stuck or from causing the humans that look after them from getting distraught when looking everywhere for a cat that is simply asleep behind a cupboard.
Extra panels on built in funiture to block holes that are out of sight to humans but are desirable hiding places for cats.
A box placed over a cat flap to avoid the cat escaping when they are due to go to the vet.

History of the adoption of the phrase:
[Earlier citations required]
September 2001 by Theresa L. Adjan-Vallen when filing a patent for a device about a bird feeder.
February 2012 by druderman when describing a device to protect a house plant.
March 2013 by Andy Shuttlewood when describing the wooden panels added by John C Brown to his airing cupboard to prevent their cat Min disappearing behind the cylinder.