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Sunday 27 December 2015

Off-road Shakedown

As always on the 27th of December the Essex Land Rover Club run the Christmas Pud Shakedown.

A pay and play driving day.

If you weren't there or even if you were, it is best seen in pictures and videos.

Just starting out. Shelley, very happy, despite there not being enough mud on the car yet :-)

Some ups and downs.

Needed a helping hand. Many thanks to those that helped tow us out of the deep ruts.

Pit stop and view the state of the car. There's one more dent than we started with. It's always in that corner. The lamp already had a chip out of the plastic and the corner panel was already a non-standard shape before the bigger dent!

A bit of an overview.

The above video is a representative sample of the hour or so driving.

All is well when we can drive the same car home at 70 miles per hour that just crawled through all of that mud :-)