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Sunday 10 December 2017


Some unexpected snow settled today.

An excuse to take Fender out for it's first experience of snow.

Of course we met several other Land Rovers out for a play.


Sunday 3 December 2017

Odd shape table

Our new sofa arrived yesterday and after we re-arranged the living room we were left without enough places to put our cups of tea on. In our house, that's a problem that needs a quick solution.

As I had done before I made a small side table out of off-cuts of oak I had in the shed.

One bit of timber was a convenient angle to fit the triangle between the sofa and the arm chair.

The design was made up on the fly based on the few bits of oak I had.

The top, front leg and lower shelf are all cut from the same misshapen plank.

Being late autumn and a bit cold we have the range lit and so the kitchen is very warm. So warm that the varnish dried much quicker than normal. I was able to get both coats on in the same afternoon and it was dry enough to use that same evening!