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Sunday 10 August 2003

MoH:AA Co-op levels

This is a summary of the cooperative levels I have created for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

I have updated my Co-Op mods, fixed a few bugs and simplified the downloads.

How do I play the Co-Op Levels

See my notes on How to Play Co-Op.

Now download a level to try...

Co-Op Levels Ready to play

When you join or start a Co-Op level always WAIT for everyone to have connected before joining the battle. The server, very quickly, becomes too busy to accept connections, if there is any combat.
For use with the original MOHAA game, version 1.11

In each of these levels I have added; Extra troops, my teleport system and a simple mission.
Don't expect them to be like the original levels. They are intended to be played for fun, with your friends, it is extremely unlikely you can play them through without dieing many times. For best results, play in the same house or have an open phone or IP chat conversation going on at the same time. (3.2MB) - 10 August 2003 (3.8MB) - 10 August 2003 (3.3MB) - 10 August 2003 (2.7MB) - 10 August 2003 (the player running the server has to pick up the radio.) (2.5MB) - 10 August 2003 (my favourite) (3.2MB) - 10 August 2003 (3.1MB) - 3 September 2003 (popular) NEW version (3.5MB) - 10 August 2003

Each file contains all the necessary files, so some pk3 files are duplicated in each one of the downloads above.

What about the old versions and menus?

Sorry, I don't have the time to support older versions. In my opinion the new method is much slicker, and have no intention of worrying about the old stuff. Just download the new ones and enjoy.

I want to create my own Co-Op levels

All the notes and tips you need are on my 'How To' pages.