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Saturday 9 September 2023

Bat boxes

I've fitted two new bat boxes. 

Our previous attempt was too close to the house where there is too much light. A professional ecologist confirmed that the previous position did not have any bats. These two are fitted as far away from the house and our neighbours houses, as is possible, to minimise both light and physical disturbance.

Beaumaris Woodstone bat box. These are very heavy, it was tricky getting it high enough. I have it mounted on a home made bat box, so the bats get more choices.

Kent type bat box. What is not obvious in this photo is that there is a design feature on the rear of the Kent box. That is, that it is deliberately raised away from whatever it is secured to, giving another place for the bats to roost. That would have a different microclimate to the other two slots in the front.

Let's hope bats find these more desirable homes.


Thursday 7 September 2023