I'm not going to give a life history about myself. The posts in this blog tell you enough but the following article could be describing me:


In 2016 I experimented with seeing if I could get any income from this blog. I did not want to spoil the blog nor discourage myself from posting to it.

After some research I decided to use a couple of affiliate schemes that pay out should someone purchase having followed a link. To that end some of the links on this site are of that type.

One of the affiliate programmes I used was with Amazon.co.uk. I have cancelled that arrangement and tried to remove all Amazon affiliate links from this blog. There are no publicly available search methods, that I can find, that search the HTML links so it is difficult to be sure all links have been removed.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

As of early 2020 my ebay Partner Network account was closed because of inactivity in the last 2 years! The ebay Partner Network, is an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to any of the ebay sites.

I back dated some of the links, on this blog, as far back as 2010 so entries dated between 2010 and 2016 had and may still have affiliate links. They will no longer generate any revenue, not that they ever have and I suspect the links are likely to be to products that have long since been de-listed.

The result of trying, both Amazon and ebay, was very disappointing and required too much effort for next to no gain. Posting articles felt more like work than fun. I therefore stopped adding affiliate links not long after I started.

My conclusion is that making money from advertising on a blog is really only going to work on one subject, ideally niche, blogs which deliberately create articles to encourage people to follow the links or have sponsorship and where that is the main purpose of the blog. I will leave that to others.


Notes and Reminders

The rest of this page contains an odd assortment of links and notes about the sites and things I also have an input in to:

My Blogs:
This one: http://blog.discoverthat.co.uk/ and the cover page: http://www.discoverthat.co.uk/
An Xbox game I am creating myself: http://blog.diabolicalgame.co.uk/
A support site for things my wife or I may publish: http://support.mistymanor.co.uk/

My 3D Prints and Models
Published on YouMagine.com: https://www.youmagine.com/users/thatjcb
Published on the Autodesk gallery: https://gallery.autodesk.com/fusion360/users/DZQYKMRW9A3R

Shelley's, my wife, blogs and social media:
Day to day: https://instagram.com/tomandhenry
About her horses: http://tomandhenry.blogspot.com/
A guide for cyclists and horse riders: http://horseandcycle.blogspot.com/

Shelley's gardening services business:

Books, articles and Indie Games: http://www.MistyManor.co.uk
Diabolical: The Shooter. A SciFi first person shooter: http://www.DiabolicalGame.co.uk
PEARCED. A Classic Tale Of 'Boy Meets Designer' by Mrs H Ryder: http://PearcedBooks.blogspot.co.uk

Where I write my shopping lists: http://listigator.com

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