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Sunday 5 June 2005

Unreal Tournament Mutators


This is a summary of the mutators I have created for various versions of Unreal Tournament.


Rally Camera - (17KB) - 4 October 2004 [Now with Up Down Aiming][04]
Adds an extra view while driving wheeled vehicles. Very similar to the view used in most racing games. The camera always follows behind the vehicle but is not rigid. There is a enough movement to be able to see all the action but still control the car.
See Also the Unwheel version.

Content Mania - (88KB) - 5 June 2005 [Now with Triggers][04]
This mutator lets you add extra objects to existing maps without editing the level file. Things like vehicles in Deathmatch maps and any number of extra weapons, ammo or health. Manic fun on any map.
Things You Can Add:
Vehicle Factory - adds a vehicle and when that's destroyed, adds another
Vehicles and Turrets - this is a different option to the above and just adds the vehicle or turret once
Weapon Pickups - these are just the weapons spinning in the air. A bit untidy so use...
Weapon Pickups with Bases - these are the spinning weapons plus the base that marks thier location
Ammo Pickups - add extra stuff lying round
Other Pickups
Health and Super Health Chargers - the 25 and 100 pointers
Shield and Super Shield Chargers - the 50 and 100 point ones
Double Damage
Decorations - just stuff you may want to embellish the map with
Custom Items - you can add your own menus with your own choice of items on
Triggers - you can set triggers at points in the map which then spawn other items

If you want to use this mutator with AirPower or the vehicles from the Editors Choice bonus pack, see the additional setup notes.

Using the Content Mania mutator with the Air Power mod

If you want to use the Air Power vehicles with this mutator, add the following lines to the 'jcbContentSetup.ini' file in the '/system' folder.


CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="AP Predator Attack Helicopter Factory",sClass="APVerIII.PredatorAttackHelicopter")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="AP Drop Ship Factory",sClass="APVerIII.UTDropShip")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="AP Valkyrie Fighter Plane Factory",sClass="APVerIII.Valkyrie")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="AP Wraith Fighter Plane Factory",sClass="APVerIII.Wraith")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="AP Predator Attack Helicopter",sClass="APVerIII.PredatorAttackHelicopter")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="AP Drop Ship",sClass="APVerIII.UTDropShip")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="AP Valkyrie Fighter Plane",sClass="APVerIII.Valkyrie")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="AP Wraith Fighter Plane",sClass="APVerIII.Wraith")

You must be using a version of the mutator newer than v72a.

Using the Content Mania mutator with the Editors Choice (EC) Vehicles

If you want to use the vehicles from the Editors Choice Bonus Pack with this mutator, add the following lines to the 'jcbContentSetup.ini' file in the '/system' folder.


CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC SPMA Artillery Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC Cicada Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicle Factory",sName="EC Paladin Shock Tank Factory",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC SPMA Artillery",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC Cicada",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft")

CustomMenu=(sMenu="Vehicles and Turrets",sName="EC Paladin Shock Tank",sClass="OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank")

You must be using a version of the mutator newer than v72a.

[BETA] Test Version
The next release of 'Content Mania' includes 'Mania Mission - Coop'
'Mania Mission' is a game type for Human players against AI controlled characters. You need to set the maps up using 'Content Mania - Setup' to create the mission. The Story... Humans are being attacked by Alien hoards. The humans need to collect Alien Artifacts to stop the alien raids.
In addition to all of the above you can also add:
Monsters and Characters - Monsters are from Invasion and Characters are modified Bots

Its just an excuse to have loads of things to shoot at.
Download the beta version and give it a go. - (150KB) - 26 July 2005 [Beta][04]

Unlock Vehicles - (10KB) - 19 July 2004 [Updated][04]
Unlocks all the vehicles in Onslaught games, so that any team can drive any vehicle. Now has a configuration option to power all Static Weapon Turrets.

Extra Start Weapons - (9KB) - 16 May 2004 [Final][04]
Lets you select an extra weapon, that all players start with, in addition to the Assault Rifle. (see also jcbUnevenTeams.)

Replace Weapons - (14KB) - 7 May 2004 [Final][04]
Lets you select any weapon to replace with another in an existing map.

Uneven Teams - (20KB) - 21 June 2004 [More Features][04]
Now you can unbalance any team game, by changing the starting weapons of the teams and the bots. In addition for 'Players vs Bots' games you can play with more Bots than Players. It even lets you set the number of lives separately for the Bots and Players. The latest version now lets the players choose either any weapon or from the basic weapons depending on how the server is configured. On the mutators configuration options, from the Players list of weapons, select, 'Player Selects Any Weapon' or 'Player Selects a Basic Weapon'.
(The 'Players vs Bots' option in UT2004 is on the 'Host Game' menu, 'Game Rules' tab and select the 'Bot Mode'.)

Unwanted Bots - (12KB) - 19 July 2004 [Updated][04]
When playing any of the team games, its spoilt slightly if you meet yourself on the other team. This is especially frustrating when you have your own team skins. This mutator lets you enter a list of charater names that are not allowed to join as a Bot.

UT2004 Experimentation

Real Time Shadows Mutator - (40KB) - 10 July 2004 [beta, with source][04]
This is DEMONSTRATION code only. It adds real time dynamic shadows. It is just a package of the code produced by SquirrelZero, many thanks. Details are on his UnrealWiki page. The best way to view the shadows is to go in to spectator mode and follow the other players.
v17a Now works in multiplayer.


Cooperative Mission - (14KB) - 11 January 2004 [Final][03]
This mutator is to allow you and your friends to play as a team against the computer. It forces all the Human players on to one team and all the Bot players on to another team.
Works with Team DeathMatch, and should work with any normal game type, based on the DeathMatch game.
Configure options for the team colour and the how many lives each side has. Plus a new feature to exclude Characters from the Bot team.

(There is a 'Players vs Bots' option built in to UT2004. On the 'Host Game' menu, 'Game Rules' tab and select the 'Bot Mode'.)

For Other Mods

UnWheel Rally Camera
UT2004 UnWheel Rally Camera 2 -
This camera mode is now incorporated in to UnWheel. Included in the EC version, of Unwheel, from late August 2004. Download the latest version of UnWheel. [I was please to grant permission for the development team to use my code.]



Senator Clan Skins - (6.3MB) - 19 April 2004 (16 May 2004)
These are some of the standard models from UT2004 re-coloured for my home team. This lets us play in matching uniforms. There are 6 skins in all, 2 female and 4 male, all in a bright lilac colour to help us avoid shooting each other.


Each zip file contains a readme with installation instructions, but in most cases it is as simple as unzip the contents in to the sub folders within the '' or '' folder. My newer Mods include a simple SetupMod script to do this for you.
Installation Utility (for use by other developers)

SetupMod.vbs - (8KB) - 22 June 2004 [Final][03+04]
This is a script to use instead of ut4Mod files for setting up mods, mutators and other packages. It copies all the files in to whatever folders you want and it can add the 'ServerPackages=...' line to the UT2004.ini as well. You can distribute your packages as a single zip file so users do not have to extract them from ut4Mod files when they have problems.


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