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Saturday 21 April 2018

Router stand

I wanted to be able to easily see the LED's on my router from where I normally sit. To do so, I needed it to stand on end.

A quick bit of modelling in Fusion 360 to produce an interlocking symmetrical stand.

Router Stand (STL)
Router Stand (Fusion360)
Licence attribution - small business exception

My designs on


Allotment canes

A quick project today. Canes to support runner beans and pumpkins.

Held together using cable ties.

Very easy to put together and the result is very sturdy.


Sunday 15 April 2018

Xbox custom skin

I don't know why but I decided to personalise my Xbox One controller.

Microsoft now sell controllers in different colours and there are some examples of other unique paint jobs and mods for controllers that can easily be found by a quick search. Some of my favourites are from End of Line designs.

My design deliberately does not impede the function of any of the buttons.

The controller comes apart fairly easily with a bit of fiddling to unclip the two side grips. They hide some of the screws. It needs a T8 security screwdriver for the torx head screws. One screw is hidden under the label in the battery tray.

It's made from plastic sheet and car filler then spray painted to look, hopefully, like old cast steel.


Saturday 14 April 2018

Jate rings

This was the first weekend this year that the weather and my time have coincided to get these installed.

Jate rings are used for off-road recovery. Apparently they put less strain on the bolt, offer a better range of movement for a shackle and are stronger than the lashing eye that comes as standard.

It's an easy install as long as the old bolts come out. Those on the front did undo but the bolts on the rear are going to need an angle grinder. That is a job for another day.


Sunday 1 April 2018

Defender double DIN

Shelley wanted a car stereo with easier to use buttons. The result of lots of searching was a double size touch screen radio by Sony.

There are lots of double DIN size car stereos with the features we wanted but most would be difficult to fit in the small amount of space in a Land Rover Defender. Alpine make a shallow one but it relies too much on the Apple CarPlay features for my liking. There are also a few with double DIN screens but a single DIN chassis.

The Sony XAV-AX100 was one of those that could be fitted in to a single DIN size cut out. It has the desired USB music features in addition to Bluetooth and direct controls for Android and Apple phones.

The big advantage of the Sony was that its workings are at the top half of the screen. This allowed it to easily fit in the place of the existing single DIN size stereo in the Land Rover Defender.

At the moment it is just a quick swap with the necessary wiring changes. In the future I'll need to design a better looking dash surround.