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Sunday 1 April 2018

Defender double DIN

Shelley wanted a car stereo with easier to use buttons. The result of lots of searching was a double size touch screen radio by Sony.

There are lots of double DIN size car stereos with the features we wanted but most would be difficult to fit in the small amount of space in a Land Rover Defender. Alpine make a shallow one but it relies too much on the Apple CarPlay features for my liking. There are also a few with double DIN screens but a single DIN chassis.

The Sony XAV-AX100 was one of those that could be fitted in to a single DIN size cut out. It has the desired USB music features in addition to Bluetooth and direct controls for Android and Apple phones.

The big advantage of the Sony was that its workings are at the top half of the screen. This allowed it to easily fit in the place of the existing single DIN size stereo in the Land Rover Defender.

At the moment it is just a quick swap with the necessary wiring changes. In the future I'll need to design a better looking dash surround.


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