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Saturday 31 May 1997

Castle and Cave Shapes

I have drawn myself floor plan shapes and made them in to ViSiO for Windows v4, stencils, and SmartDraw Pro, libraries.

Shapes included are:
  • Flagstone floors
  • Wells and holes
  • Doors and gates
  • Thick and thin walls
  • Drawbridge
  • Cave walls, straight and curved
  • Trap doors
  • Stairs
  • Rubble
and many others

Each shape is based on a 5 foot square.

Public Domain
As long as you own a copy of one of the above programmes you may use the drawings for any purpose.

None, these drawings should only ever be distributed FREE of charge and I therefore offer NO Warranty what so ever on them.

Page Scale 0.875 Inches to 5 feet
All the objects are designed around a 5 foot square. You can change the page scale to suit any scale you want. A nice feature of ViSiO, is that all of the shapes alter automatically with the scale.


Download shapes for Visio v4 - The file contains two files extract and install castle5 first then stair5U.  The stairs file includes more shapes and and an updated template.

Download shapes for SmartDraw Pro - The file contains SmartDraw libraries.

Download EPS - These are individual drawings.

Download MAC PICT - These are individual drawings.