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Tuesday 8 August 2017

Socket set continuation

I have continued to evolve the the arrangement and storage segments for my socket set that I started a few weeks ago.

I've tried to incorporate a support shelf for the smaller internal tool cases.
This has led to the spanner rack taking a lot longer to print and I've had a few failures.

I am confident it will print more reliably if I slow down the printing speed. That would mean that as one piece it would now spend two days on the printer.

I'm not keen on such a long time printing. The slightest error and the whole thing has to be started again!

To reduce the risk, I have split it in to two pieces with dovetail joints to hold it together. I have also included holes to allow me to pin it with nails. The nails are probably unnecessary but no harm allowing the option.

I've also added a thin pouch within the handle of the case. This was primarily to help align the case halves when closing it.

It's worked well.

The case is now complete.

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