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Monday 7 August 2017

Ride height sensor connectors

When checking under the Discovery, I noticed that the connector housing is missing for one of the air suspension ride height sensors.

It appears to still be working OK so I've wrapped some tape round it for now. I would like to fix it properly at some point so I've been on a hunt for the connector.

It's a quite unique shape. With a little bit of research I'm fairly sure it is from the Micro Quadlok range, see the following from the manufacturer's site:
Contact pin:

They are available from RS Components with the associated components:
Spelt in two different ways, so it needed multiple searches on the web site:

I've also found a kit on e-bay which will be easier to buy but a bit more expensive:

The clips that hold it on to the ride height sensor are a pain to get off so I have not yet managed to get the good one off. Once I have one in my hand to see close up, I'll practice releasing the latches before I have a go at the car again.

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