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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Makita dust cover

I have a few Makita 18v tools that all share the same type battery. I store the tools I use less frequently without any batteries installed however I don't like the electrical terminals getting dusty and grubby so I wrap a cloth round then.

To make it a bit tidier and easier to store, I decided to 3D print a clip on dust cover to replace the cloth. It was also a good way to learn more about Fusion 360 as a 3D design tool.

It took a couple of test prints and adjustments to get it to fit properly.

It was very easy to make accurate changes to lengths, angles and radii in Fusion 360 to exactly fit the shape of the battery mount.

It can be printed without any support structures, just a brim.

After I had a version that fitted the angle grinder I still had to make more minor changes because the Makita tools have subtle variations, between models, to the way the battery is held snugly in place.

I now have a battery mount dust cover that fits all of my Makita 18v tools.


Makita 18v Dust Cover STL file
Licence attribution - small business exception


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