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Sunday 30 July 2017

Nail sizes

Here's an odd post.

I'm getting fed up with large 3D prints failing after several hours of printing. I've decided to split some of them in to bits. They will need joining together and in some cases will need to be fairly strong.

I decided round wire nails would make ideal pins. The normal type you hit in to timber with a hammer.

They cost next to nothing each, when bought in bulk. There are lots of sizes. They have more than enough strength for my needs. I can cut them to length, if necessary.

I need to model a hole for them to fit in to, so I need the sizes.
These are the most common ones I have to hand in my shed.

6" = dia 6.3mm x 151mm, head dia 12.4mm x 3mm
4" = dia 4.7mm x 102mm, head dia 10mm x2.8mm
3" = dia 3.9mm x 77mm, head dia 8.6mm x 2.5mm (mild steel and galvanised were the same.)

Now I just need to use these in my 3D models.


3D model nails (blender)

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