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Monday 24 July 2017

Lower filament guide

I have found that the filament on my Ultimaker 2 flows best if it runs under the power adaptor socket.
This must make the angle better for the approach in to the feeder.

I have never been keen on that. Although I doubt there is much strain on the socket it does not look like a good idea.

To resolve that I have made a simple guide that fits under the lower lip of the Ultimaker case and serves the same function as the socket does to direct the filament.

It's taken a few experiments. I think I'm on mark 5 already.

To get that shape without a support structure it will be produced in two parts and joined with a dovetail.

I'm pleased with how well it positions the filament.

Unfortunately I'm fairly sure that the extra friction of using two guides causes under-extrusion when the reels of filament are part used. I'm back to cut lengths of filament for reliability.


Update: 2 August 2017

I have found that by running the filament past only the new guide works well. I have not tried any big models but my smaller tests have shown no sign of under-extrusion.

Test Tower

Based on that and the numerous guides and axles using bearings that others have designed, I am working on my own version with a pulley and skate bearings.



The 3D print test tower I've used above (stl)


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