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Monday 10 July 2017

Socket set replacement case

After many years the plastic catches gave way on my Halfords ratchet and socket set.
I bought a plastic case and planned to cut the tool holes in foam matting however the design evolved.


I've modelled and 3D printed holders to fit in some smaller clear plastic cases that will in turn fit inside the larger case. The metric, imperial and odds and sods sockets will fit in the separate cases.

The old case

Possible layout in the new case

I found just the right size smaller cases from e-bay.




The socket holders fitted first time but I'm still tweaking the design of the other bits I'm adding to the case.



The font I used on the first parts was a little bit fine and the "1's" tended to break off. I've adjusted the thickness which, although not as easy to read, is a bit stronger. I used the following settings in Blender, which gives about 5mm tall characters.

The above settings creates the smallest characters I've managed, so far, that retain their form when printed.


After a few days work


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