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Thursday 20 July 2017

Upgrade Ultimaker 2 to Ultimaker 2+

With the extra nozzle cleaning required from changing from PETG back to PLA I decided I needed a hot end that had a replaceable nozzle. The type to be added to an Ultimaker 2 is called an Olsson block.

Once I started looking at that I ended up back at the upgrade from Ultimaker. It's an expensive kit which I'd looked at before because of the improved feeder. Now additionally with the desire for the Olsson block, that is also included in the kit, it started to look like a good idea. It gets lots of positive comments on the forums. I ordered it to arrive next day. Which it did.

There are some clear instructions available from Ultimaker's site so no need to repeat those.

The claim is that it can be done in an hour. I won't dispute that, I didn't rush and it was about 1.5 hours for the mechanical build and a further 20 minutes for the calibration and build plate levelling.

The firmware would have been a couple of minutes but I kept getting a communications failure warning!

After a lot of fiddling about, I checked the version number on the Ultimaker and as far as I can tell it has updated. I guess it is just the error shown within Cura that is wrong.

I ran out of time being a weekday. Tonight I'll try my first print.

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