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Sunday 14 August 2022

Fitting a headset with the correct tools

Fitting new bearings to a headset is easy as they just slip in with no pressure. What I have done on several occasions is replaced the cups that the bearing sit in. These cups need to be pressed into the frame.

Finished result

In the past I have cobbled together washers and other bits to form a makeshift press and struggled to get the cups in straight. I have tried to buy a correctly sized press for the cups but have been unable to find ones that are the right size. I can only assume that very few people ever remove the cups. They rarely wear out. It is only when I am painting a frame that I remove them.

Lower cup first

Pressing against the headtube

As covered in a previous article, I made suitable presses with my new lathe.

I am very pleased to say that the presses worked perfectly. The cups pushed into place completely square first time.

Upper cup last

Pressing against the lower cup

It just goes to show how much easier jobs are with the correct tools.


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