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Saturday 6 August 2022

Cold Blueing

I had not heard of this until recently. It's a method to surface treat steel. It adds a little bit of rust protection and colours the surface a dark blue.

I watched a few YouTube videos and picked one of the products that looked easy enough to use.

The process with most of the products is similar:

  • Wear safety goggle and rubber, latex or similar gloves
  • Completely degrease
  • Lightly sand
  • Pour a small amount into a container. Do not contaminate the original contents.
  • Either paint on neat or soak in a diluted solution
  • Wash off and repeat a few times until the colour is as dark as required
  • Soak in oil for a few hours to give the finish a sheen

I cleaned the bits in brake cleaner and soaked in motor oil.

I understand that it won't stop rust if left outside but that it's a help in a workshop environment.

I think that the result looks nice.


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