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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Bike build - Part 7

The bike build has got to the stage of looking more like a bike.

Dropper Post

My preferred Brand X Ascend dropper.


I'm re-using a SRAM Eagle NX 1x12 groupset. 

I cleaned up the old cranks and fitted a new chainring.

Finished off the wheels by adding the brake rotors and a new 12 speed 11-50t cassette.

A spacer is essential with a Hope 142x12 hub when paired with a SRAM Eagle 12 speed groupset.

Twice I've made the mistake of looking at the spacer and thinking it is too thick. It's not, it needs at least a 2mm spacer otherwise the SRAM Eagle derailleur cannot index to the lowest gear!

At this point I have made a balance bike :-)

I have the correctly sized drifts and press to fit the SRAM dub bottom bracket. That makes it a fairly easy job to press the cups in. Without the correct drifts it is a troublesome job. 

I remembered to add the spacer before fitting the cranks.

Lastly for today I fitted the derailleur.


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