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Friday 2 April 2021

Bike build - Part 8

 It's nearly finished.


Gear Cable

Before the cable was attached I adjusted the H-limit screw.

I like to use silicone grease on the cable inner.

Now was a good moment to give the frame a good polish with Silicone Oil. This had to be near the end because it is very difficult to get anything to stick, once it's coated in this stuff.


These are DMR V12's. I find these pedals have lots of grip and I have the tools to maintain them.


The common method of getting the right chain length requires the suspension fully compressed to get the longest length. The easiest way is to disconnect the shock.

Round the largest sprocket and chainring but excluding the derailleur.

Two rivets past where the chain could be joined.

Tension the chain to click the master link in to place.

Set the B gap using the new style SRAM tool.

The bike looks complete but it needs to be setup. That's for another day.


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