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Thursday 15 April 2021

Workshop bike stand

I'm lucky enough to have a large shed to use as a workshop however, there is not quite enough space for me and a portable bike work stand, to work comfortably. I kept tripping over the legs.

To get over the issue of the legs getting in the way, I decided to wall, or bench mount a bike work stand. Through use of the portable stand, I had worked out the most suitable space for a fixed stand. I just needed to find a way to secure it. 

None of the wall or floor mounted stands, that I could find, did everything that I wanted at a price I was prepared to pay. For me, the best option was to use a portable stand but remove the legs.

I made up some brackets out of ply, timber and 3D printed clamps.

It is secured to the corner of the bench and to the floor.

It has worked out very well, it rotates out of the way when not in use and is very sturdy in use. Just what I was after.


3D printed Parts

Printing Method:

Filament: ColorFabb nGen
Walls: 2mm thick
Infill: 30%
Supports: None

Download 3D models:

Pipe Clamps 38mm, STEP and STL (Zip)
Licence attribution - small business exception

My models in the GrabCAD library.


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