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Monday 29 March 2021

Bike build - Part 6

This morning, I did one of the jobs that I find the most nerve-racking!

Applying the Decals

I bought a readily available vinyl set. These can be found on eBay, for many popular bike brands, in a choice of colours. I have gone for Gun Metal Grey.

I was thankful about how easy they were to apply. The clear supporting laying is a big help.

Where the chainstay protector fits, I needed to align the brand with the gap in the rubber cover.

I glued down the chainstay protector. I'm not entirely sure about my choice of adhesive. I'm sure it will be strong enough but it's a lot messier than I would have liked. I'm going to have some cleaning up to do once it's had a chance to set.

The other logos went on fairly easily. I just had to get them central.

As a finishing touch, I had some vinyl year and sizing stickers produced. 

I purchased these from an eBay advert that offered better quality materials and equipment. The advert is for a single logo produced lots of times. It was the most cost effective way I could find of getting what I wanted but I expected to have to cut out the different types of sticker myself. However, the supplier contacted me to say that the artwork I had supplied him made it easy to setup the machine to cut out each individual sticker. At no extra cost he kindly did this.

I would thoroughly recommend them.

I took the opportunity to include some of my own branding.

The artwork was created, to scale, as a vector graphic using Inkscape and saved as a PDF.


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