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Thursday 1 August 2019

Anderson power connectors

To improve on my portable power project I have bought a slightly higher power inverter. At 600W, the crocodile clips used on smaller models are inadequate and they tend to be wired with screw terminals.

To make it more convenient to swap over batteries, I have bought some 50 Amp power connectors.

I have not used Anderson connectors before and I am pleasantly pleased with how well they are designed.

Within the connector is a built in spring and the terminal pushes in and clips over that spring.

The 50 Amp connectors work with probably 13mm2 (6awg) down to 8mm2 (8awg) cable. Anything smaller and the crimp is unlikely to hold securely and anything larger will not fit in the enclosed terminal. I used 8mm2 flexible silicone insulated cable.

Using a big crimp tool, they are easy to fix. Holding them in place while doing so needed a little thinking about.

Adhesive lined heat shrink added with a hot air gun and the job's neat and tidy.


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