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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Heavy duty tie down D ring review

This is perhaps an odd thing to write a quick review on but I bought two different makes, to ensure that at least one turned up on time.

Both from Amazon:
Both with the same specification, 1200lbs (540kgs) breaking strain and 400lbs (180kgs) load.

As it happened, they arrived at the same time.

They are both more than adequate for any job that I am likely to use them for but one make was clearly much better made and finished than the other.

One had a visible weld and a more chrome like finish. The slightly raised weld made the loop stiff in the clip. The other type was a continuous loop and looked more like a solid metal finish. It ran smoothly in the clip.

They were similar prices in the quantity I purchased. If I had only seen one, I would have been happy with either but if I was buying again, I would prefer the type with the cleaner finish.


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