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Sunday 28 July 2019

Trunk renovation

Another little project to go on Dean's blacksmith stand at the RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show.

To keep the stand tidy and looking presentable, the stand needed a place to keep some of the odds and ends, out of sight. These are things like receipt books, flyers, business cards the first aid kit and even a few snacks, among other things.

To this end, Dean scrounged a very worn out luggage trunk that had been lying outside in the junk pile at his work. It was home to a few spiders, wood lice and slugs. At a guess I would say it was originally from the 1960's and had been outside in that yard for the last few years.

I gave it a good clean out and scrub whilst carefully re-homing as many of the tiny critters as I could persuade to leave.

I realigned and reshaped the metalwork, added a protective lip where the main catch had torn the outer covering, cleaned up some of the rust and filled a hole using a couple of penny washers. A little bit of WD40 was all that was needed to get the hinges and catches working smoothly.

That all done, after cleaning away the excess WD40 with Isopropyl alcohol, I gave it a couple of coats of black spray paint. Matt inside and satin on the outside.

The result was a bit cleaner looking than I intended. It will do a good job at keeping all the sundry stuff on the stand out of sight.


Trunk Dimensions
Excluding furniture
Exterior: width ~510mm x length ~905mm x height ~360mm
Lower height ~265mm, upper height ~90mm
Average thickness ~15mm


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