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Monday 22 February 2016

Track bumper

The Audi R8 that I received from Don for my birthday last July is an excellent car to drive.
It holds the track well and can accommodate a bit of drifting at corners without de-slotting.

It does have a slight issue. The trouble is that its rear fin is a millimeter wider than the rear body. There is one place on the track where it drifts out and the fin regularly gets knocked off. I probably superglue it back on two out of three times I drive it!

To reduce that I have added a couple of extra tyres to the edge of the track.  This is just enough to stop the fin hitting.

Unfortunately while testing I got carried away and although I was no longer able to make it make contact at that corner, it did not stop me getting carried away at another corner, which de-slotted and collided fin first in to the cliff wall. I still had to glue to fin back on!

At least now it takes driver error or obstacles on the track to cause damage!

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