Monday, 22 February 2016

Number plate decals

It has been many decades since I last had anything to do with water slide transfers. They bring back memories of Airfix kits.

The world has changed and now I can print out my own decals on to laser printer water slide paper. I was very impressed by how easy it was to use, both printing and applying to the model.

The transfers are stronger than I remember and slide off more easily. I used a cotton bud to wet the surface and tweezers to lift the cut decals in to and out of the water bath. I found that my fingers were the only way to get the transfer from the paper to the model.

I was able to make minor adjustments to the position with the wet cotton bud and the dry end to dab away the excess water.

I used white transfer paper. I would have preferred transparent but normal laser printers cannot print white and the colour balance is adjusted for printing on a white background.

Despite using a sharp knife the white edge is visible. That's a bit disappointing but was only significant when I was printing a largely black shape. Partly because of that and partly because I did not think I could cut a straight enough edge, I decided not to apply the window frame transfers I have designed.

The number plates worked very well which were the most important.

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