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Saturday 27 February 2016

A little fence

My track has always had a small area that I call the car park. It fits two cars and I cut slots for the blade of the guide to drop in to so the wheels touch the ground.

I decided it needed a sign to formalise it as a car park. I also needed something to fix the sign to that was a bit more robust than a post. Previous cat photos make it obvious why a thin post might not survive very long. A short length of picket fence fitted the bill.

A nice simple shape to design and 3D print.

The parking 'P' sign was slightly more complicate.

At the same time as making the car park sign, I've made some street name plates for a few of the roads on the track. I'll come back to those in another post.

The end posts of the picket fence are 4mm square and fit snugly in to 6mm holes in the scenery to hold the panel up.

Picket Fence STL file
Picket Fence Blend file
Picket Fence licence attribution

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