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Sunday 24 May 2015

The Hills

I've been working on the grassy bits of the scenery for a few weeks.

The hills are made with plaster filler over Modrock plaster of Paris bandages with floral foam as the base.

The floral foam is very easy to shape but it is too fragile on its own.

I tried using filler directly on the foam but the filler sticks to the pallet knife better than the foam. The foam is a good base for Modrock. I then used filler over the Modrock which works well.

A few more stages all with time to dry between each. Paint, scatter grass and then bushes.

With some experimentation I found I prefer to paint on the first layer of PVA glue used to secure the scatter grass. The spray glue is a bit too weak.

The Woodland Scenics tutorials show all the scenery being added in one go but I found if I tried to add bushes before the grass was set then I would mess up the grass. Much easier to wait a day for it to dry.

The last bit is to add back the crash barriers. These just push in to 6mm holes drilled in the MDF base.

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