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Wednesday 27 May 2015

3D Me

A few days ago I went to the 3D Printshow in London.

This spanned 2 floors of the old Truman brewery in the East end.

I was mainly interested in the desktop 3D printers but there were larger industrial machines in use and some 3D scanners.

I spoke to lots of people, looked at lots of small plastic objects plus a few wooden and ceramic ones, confirmed my choice for the printer I would like to get and was scanned in 3D.

I have just received the 3D model file of myself. You can look for yourself in a 3D view on the Sketchfab web site.

Here's what I look like on Sketchfab.

I have been able to download the model and import it in to Blender.  I can now make me look like anything I can think of but here I am before any editing :-)

They used a Structure scanner attached to an iPad using the ItSeez3D app to take the scan.  It only took a few seconds to walk round me to take that 3D capture.

3D mouse with feeling
I saw a couple of 3D scanners at the show, a few related gadgets and so many different makes and models of 3D printer.

Plastic fabric

They were also 3D printing food.

There was an art exhibition with many abstract pieces.

One of the interesting uses was for medical applications where 3D printing is being used for many things from helping to make surgery more accurate to replacement parts.

So many possibilities.

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