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Tuesday 12 May 2015

National Skating Week

Apparently it is national skating week from 11 to 16 May.  I have not seen any adverting about it except the one e-mail a month ago.

I would have skated anyway as I had the opportunity to go to Southend-on-Sea yesterday. It was quiet but then I expected that on a Monday.

The wind was a bit higher than I like. I only did half the length because I know from past experience it can be hard getting back against the wind.

The seafront is always a good place to skate but I do have a complaint. The growing number of raised humps to indicate crossings.  The little coloured bubbles are trouble enough but I can cope with those, it's the continuous lines of small concrete corrugations that are very difficult and nearly stop me dead if I'm foolish enough to try to skate over them.

My knees are getting too old to keep jumping them so I have to plan my routes round them. I'm sure someone has a good reason for putting them in but they are obviously not thinking about skaters.

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