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Friday 25 February 2022

Discovery 4 door mirror replacement

 I finally got round to swapping out the damaged door mirror assembly that I damaged at Christmas.

I was hoping to be able to get away with just replacing the plastic upper cover, but when I looked, the metal internal housing was cracked. 

The whole unit had to be replaced.

I tried to do it just by removing the small plastic speaker cover section, but the connector for the cable is behind the door trim panel, so off came the door panel.

It's not too difficult to remove the panel. There's a screw at the open end of the door, towards the top.

There's one behind the door opener. By pushing the bottom edge of the little cover, the top edge pops out enough to get hold of and it comes out.

There are two screws each side of the grab handle. The silver plastic covers are a little tricky to get the trim tools under but with enough confidence and a bit of struggling, they pop off. 

There are some small tabs at the sides that make it more difficult. Knowing that helps to lever in the right direction.

The two long screws in the door pocket are easy to get out.

With all the screws removed, it's fairly easy to pull the panel off, starting in the lower outer corner. Again, it needs a bit of leverage and some confidence to get the clips to pop out.

Watch out for the small triangular speaker housing. There is a popper type clip that will fall out and is easily lost.

As I was only doing the mirror, there was no need to disconnect the wires to remove the door panel. I could get to the door mirror connector and screws, easily with the panel just pulled away.

Swap with the new assembly.

Clip in the new motor and secure with the one central screw.

Attach the wire to the heated mirror and push on.

Lastly, after having checked it works, I clipped on the new plastic cover.

Put it all back together and checked it all still worked.


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