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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Cap and bung for bike brake hoses

Whenever I take off hydraulic hoses from bike brakes, I need to find a way to temporarily seal the ends. Partly to stop the fluid dripping everywhere and partly to keep the dirt out.

On some new brakes, like Shimano, they come with some push in bungs and a rubber cover. 

As shipped by Shimano

I have a couple of those in my spares box or in use.

I have designed and 3D printed a cover and screw in bung that fits 5mm hose and the thread (8mm diameter 0.75mm pitch) of the fitting on Shimano bike brakes.

One end screws in to the brake lever or calliper and the other end has a hole that fits over the hose. 


Bike brake hose bungs STL and STEP (Zip)


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