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Thursday 16 April 2020


Working from home I have been doing a lot of video calls and the importance of my webcam has been raised. I had an ageing Microsoft LifeCam which, in a recent Windows 10 update, became unmanageable and the image to dark to be usable!

This has meant that over the last few days I have used a number of different solutions and I decided to do a quick comparison of the images.

Built in Lenovo laptop camera

Old GoPro lookalike Action Camera from my bike.
Not ideal as a webcam because it needed turning on and setting to webcam mode every time I started the computer.

Logi C920 camera

My opinion is the C920 is a much better image.

I also tried a couple of positions. I think front on from above is best. The laptop view is the best but to achieve that with my main monitor it is too low for me.


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