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Sunday 26 April 2020

Bike maintenance experience

You can watch all the YouTube videos and follow all the instructions to the letter but sometimes you only get it right with experience.

My bike has been rattling for a week or so and finally I found the issue.

The cassette was loose.

When I changed the rear wheel, I had set it up exactly as per the original. What I now know is that there are sufficient differences between freehub drivers that some of them need spacers.

I've stripped it down, cleaned it up and fitted a 1mm spacer.

That's enough to allow the lock ring to clamp down on the cassette rather than on to the end of the freehub driver!

That's done the trick and the cassette is secure. I've adjusted up the gear change and taken it for a short test ride.

I also had a creaky bottom bracket (BB). Apparently this is not uncommon and not always easy to fix.

My attempt, at a fix, is to take the cranks off, put the BB press back on and clamp it tighter. I then re-assemble it.

The short test ride tonight is not sufficient to know if the creak is still there or not.


I've been for several rides. The creak was gone initially but returned on the third ride as noisy as ever.

"I wonder if anyone will ever do do a SRAM dub compatible press fit bottom bracket with a threaded inner sleeve to lock it in place?"
Perhaps I need to work on that design.


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