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Monday 6 April 2020

Bike saddle bag minor mod

Every bike rider has their own view of what makes an ideal bag. Many riders avoid any attachments to their bikes in favour of carrying a rucksack, using pockets or not at all.

My preference is to have the smallest bag possible that will contain my choice of essential tools and spares.

Since I've had a dropper post on my mountain bike, my previous choice of bag was no longer ideal. The strap round the post would crush when the saddle was in the dropped position. I've been on the hunt for an alternative.

I could not find anything I liked, so made a change to the straps to attach to the saddle instead of the post and this has worked well.

I used two hook and loop straps. The straps I could find were either too long or too short but two joined were just right.

Job done, I am very happy with the result. It is now more secure than it was before and does not get in the way of the dropper.


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