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Sunday 30 December 2018

Discovery 4 the best 4x4 by far

We have had five Land Rovers over the years and driven a few more. All of them have been off-road.

Today we took our Discovery 4 off-road for the first time. We did the Christmas Pud Shakedown with the Essex Land Rover Club.

We played in the wet clay for about an hour and half, or so, and our conclusion is that all the electronics and buttons do a fantastic job. The Discovery 4 is perhaps the easiest, to get about in the rough, than any of the other car we have driven.

There was a section where the car pulled through, with what seamed like ease. That same section stopped us completely in our previous Discovery. This year the car took it in its stride, even though one side had to be dragged along a muddy bank and one wheel must have left the ground. 

A cross country vehicle (CCV) did that same section after us, admittedly in the opposite direction, but it struggled as it cross axled at one point.

Wet steep slopes, in the Discovery 4, were, almost, point and let the car adjust the traction to get up. It was not quite that easy, it did require the right pressure on the accelerator and a little bit of adjusting the steering, from side to side, at appropriate points.

It pulled, with ease, through water filled holes with loose gravel bases. The first time through one hole, I used a bit too much power. It created a great wave of muddy water over the bonnet. That was unnecessary because the car could drive it, easily, without the theatrics.

I was amazed by how good the Discovery 4 is off-road. As the slogan goes... 'best 4x4 by far.'


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