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Saturday 8 December 2018

The left hand door

Following on from my earlier post where I fitted the right hand door to Shelley's Defender, I've now fitted the left hand door.

I had the usual help. This time from Tiger.

I took some photos as reminders of some of the things I had not noted when exchanging the other door.

I used masking tape this time because the gaffa tape, I used last time, left some adhesive that needed cleaning off.

I photographed the lock rod connections, this time, so I knew, for sure, how they went back.

The lock bolts are T20 .

The lock after a bit of cleaning with WD40. After this, I re-lubricated with white lithium grease.

The lock fits before fitting the window channel.

Fitted and tested before putting the trim back on.

It took me about 9 hours to do this door.


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