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Sunday 6 January 2019

Fusion 360 zoom pan and orbit

I've just spent a frustrating half an hour looking for the instructions to explain what key, button and mouse combinations can be used to control pan, orbit and zoom in Fusion 360.

I've written this post to consolidate the information I found, in to one place.

Just to be clear, I know how to do this with either the onscreen buttons or the default Fusion 360 options but what I wanted was a set of key combinations that work with my Kensington Expert Mouse, which is actually a trackball.

The Fusion 360 default and several of the other options use the middle mouse button for view controls. The trouble is that the button positions on the trackball mean that to use the middle mouse button I have to twist my hand in to a slightly uncomfortable position.

I am therefore, looking for a keyboard alternative to the middle mouse button or the on-screen view controls, that is more efficient and, ideally, a little more comfortable.

Since September 2018 Fusion 360 has had four alternative options, however, I struggled to find details of them, all in one place. Specifically the new Tinkercad settings.

I did eventually find the Fusion 360 help pages on the subject, using the help function within the app. Searching Google or Autodesk's web site was useless. As shown in the image at the start, I have put this together in the hope people manage to find it with less effort than I had to put in.

The Fusion 360 methods work in addition to the selected compatibility option.

For my requirement, only the 'Inventor' option does not use the middle mouse button. I use the F2 and the F4 keys for Pan and orbit, respectively but I continue to use the mouse wheel for zoom.

As an added bonus, this setup also works well with a laptop touch pad.


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