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Sunday 1 July 2018

Pipe bead forming

I saw a tip on a YouTube video about how to create a bead round a pipe to prevent rubber hoses, used in cars, slipping off. I could have bought a nice pipe bead forming tool but for the one off job, £200 was a bit steep. I made something, not such a good finish but only £11.

One of the examples I've seen on the Internet

I was looking at this because I might need to modify the heater pipes in my Discovery to be able to replace a heater matrix without removing the entire dash!

Anyway... yesterday, I had a sprinkler hose that needed the connector repairing so I made and used the tool I had planned for the heater pipe.

I had already bought a strong crimping tool off of e-bay and removed the ratchet mechanism. I did a variation of the methods I had found on the Internet.

I ground down the end so the side with the lump was small enough to easily fit inside the pipe.

I deliberately left the second lug as a convenient stop to get the distance of the bead the same all the way round. Using the tool, is just a case of push it in to the pipe until the stop and crimp.

On the copper pipe I was working on it did not take much effort.

I just rotated the pipe and worked my way round until I had a bead round the entire circumference.

I cleaned it up with fine sand paper, pushed the hose on and clamped it up.


On aluminium tube.

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