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Saturday 28 July 2018

Chassis wax

Fender, Shelley's Defender received a new rear cross member last week because the previous one was a bit flaky. Before the new section has time to corrode I wanted to get some chassis wax inside.

The wax I've chosen and used before, is easy to spray using a schutz gun with a long nozzle hose.

I did not want to make any extra holes in the chassis so I may not have complete coverage.

There are plenty of existing holes that the nozzle will fit through. The spray wax travels a long way. I could watch a dusting coming out of holes nearly half way down the chassis from where I was spraying.

My technique is to push the long hose in to the chassis as far as it will go and then apply the wax as I slowly pull the nozzle out. The trick is avoiding covering myself in a fine mist if I should pull the hose out too far! I'd recommend goggles.

There is a hole in the end of the front of the chassis arms immediately below the front bumper mounting bolts.

I could have removed the bumper for easier access but I found it fairly easy to thread in the nozzle without having to take anything apart.

Some of the holes in the chassis are in use on one side but not on the other.

At the back, I removed the grommet from the main cable bundle to get inside the nice big hole on the right hand, drivers side. That same hole is open on the passenger side.

I did every cavity I could find in the chassis, remembering to also include the cross members at various points. Spraying inside the chassis is a fairly quick process and I only used one tin of Dinitrol ML cavity wax.

I'm not sure how long this treatment adds to the life of the chassis but it makes me feel better having done it.

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