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Sunday 10 June 2018

Replacing the filler cap lock

I like all the keys for a car to match, including the fuel filler cap if it has a lock.

It is possible to buy a set of matching locks for a Land Rover Defender when you buy a new ignition barrel. I have not seen a way to change the ignition barrel lock, so the starting point has to be the whole ignition. I deliberately bought a kit with one more barrel than I had doors. That last one being for the fuel filler cap.

To fit a new lock barrel in the filler cap it is necessary to take the lock apart and drill a small hole to gain access to push the brass plunger that holds the existing barrel in place.

This was surprisingly easy and the whole job only took 20 minutes.

It probably does not matter but I marked the components as I went so I knew which way round they went back together.

To get the large rubber seal out I prised it from the edge with a screwdriver. This slightly bent the metal backing but it was very easy to flatten out.

Once apart, I offered up the new lock to find the exact point that the plunger was located.

I drilled a 2mm hole and used the same drill to push down on the existing lock. That came out easily.

I cleaned out the swarf from inside the lock and pushed in the new barrel.

Reassembly is the reverse of taking it apart.

When I tried it on the car, it worked perfectly.


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