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Monday 11 June 2018

Lawnmower fuel leak

Shelley noticed a slight change in colour to the plastic on one of her mowers. It looked like a little fuel was running down from the carburettor.

I could not see anything obvious but gave it a partial service. I cleaned the spark plug, set the gap to 0.5mm and cleaned the air filter. I also sharpened and replaced the blade.

The air filter is an oil soaked foam. As per the service manual, I just washed it thoroughly in washing up liquid, dried it and bathed it in a little clean engine oil.

In the process of removing the air filter I noticed that fuel was present inside the filter housing, where it probably should not be. I removed that housing to reveal a gasket. I believe it is that gasket that might be leaking.

I didn't have a spare, so I cleaned and refitted it for now but made sure the screws were tight. I've ordered a spare gasket.

With the mower back together it ran a lot better.

Ready for the working day.


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