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Sunday 16 August 2015

Ultimaker 2 tips

Having used the 3D printer for a few months now I have come up with a couple of things that I find help things print more reliable.

1.End of reels

I have got towards the end of the first reel of ColorFabb filament.
The feeder started to click and wear a hole as it didn't move. My best guess is that the curve of the filament made the angle too steep to pull the reel round.

My solution was to cut off the length I needed plus some extra and let it hang loosely on the hook I had printed a few weeks ago.

This loose role appears to have low enough friction for the feeder to pull the filament without getting stuck.

2.Filament sticks between prints

Sometimes when starting a print no filament is extruded and usually the feeder makes a clicking noise.

I have found that running through the change filament routine will unclog things and get it going.
There is no need to remove the filament from the back. Just let it rewind it then press to start reloading.

I deliberately let a long length of filament be extruded before completing the change process.

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