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Saturday 1 August 2015

Small Post

I didn't know what they were called before I started making some but apparently they are called zebra posts.

Those are the markers at the side of the road to stop you driving in to the bushes when you are not paying attention properly.

The 3D model was created in Blender as usual. I had a little trouble printing them.  They are so tiny and the gap between the posts quite small, they ended up a bit rough and with strings pulled between them.

I didn't know at the time that small round posts in groups is one of the more difficult shapes to 3D print. I made some adjustments and managed to get them to come out quite well.

ColorFabb PLA/PHA Black

Temperature 205 C
Layer height 0.2mm
Shell thickness 1.2mm
Retraction minimum travel 0.25mm
Z hop when retracting 0.075mm
Print speed 30 mm/s

It was probably slowing down the print speed that fixed the problem.

The model is designed to fit snugly in to a 4mm hole.


Blend file
STL file
Licence attribution


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