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Monday 6 July 2015


The layout looks like it is nearly all wall at the moment. This is because they need to be in place before I can add some more hills.

I've added a couple of more complicated shaped bits of walling.

One is made from pressing a 3D printed mold in to the floral foam.  That is so easy and takes just a few seconds. I would thoroughly recommend making walls with the foam.

The other, used to make the walls of the long underpass, is made from drawing lines in to a thin layer of decorators filler. I've detailed this in other posts but I would not recommend it. It's only advantage is that I had the materials in my shed. It's difficult keeping it in place while working, it's difficult to make the brick shapes look right, its time consuming patching up the problems when it's dry!

You can see the difficulty with the filler in the above picture. The bigger chunks where you can see through to the MDF all needed to be made good before painting.

I am happy with the end result but I feel there might be other materials that are easier to use to get the same results.


The brick wall cookie cutter is available from my designs on

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