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Tuesday 7 July 2015

The Hills

The remaining sections of the layout are all scenic. The gaps under roadways become hills and embankments.

The intermediate stage is a bit of a mess, with plaster from the Modrock and patches of rogue filler spread about the place.

I used floral foam as the base because I had lots of it left over. Rough cut and carved to form more natural looking areas. It's just tacked in place using a squeeze of PVA glue.

The Modrock plaster of Paris bandages are very easy to apply. Just a moment in the water and lay in to place over the foam. It's this that holds everything firmly in place.

I left the plaster for over a day to dry.

I used decorators filler over the top. This allows me to shape the hills and adds a lot of strength to the finished mounds. I feather the edges so there is no sign of the Modrock bandage material.

The filler is quite thick in places and will need a few days to dry thoroughly before I can paint it.

The scruffy period will be worth it to get to the finished result.

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